When we take the lifestyle that many people live around the world, one could easily find that most of their decisions are based on popular culture. Interestingly, this can be seen all over the world and in many places are quite a common sight especially among the younger generation.

However, Pop culture is something that has been present since the advent of television, as it was able to convey the many cultures of the western countries, such as music, art, lifestyle and many other things. Today, it has changed drastically, but still has a few common elements with the older generation’s pop culture. Here are just some of them.


One of the biggest influences of today’s pop culture is the music industry. The music industry has long been an influencer of a particular generation. Whether it is the melody through the bass riffs or synths, or the lyrics, it is something that always gives people some sort of belonging to a particular group of people.

Sociologist could argue that these create neo-tribe whereby the youth from around the world connect due to the commonalities they perceive in their taste in music. Thus, making pop culture, something that can be present across borders.


After music, comes the television industry. This is something that is mainly seen in the middle-class people around the world, as they have access to cable TV. Teledramas, comedy series, and many other broadcasts that air on TV gives us a perception of that country’s lifestyle and encourages us to adapt certain tenets of that lifestyle.

A good example for this is the TV show ‘FRIENDS’ that aired during the late 90s. In many countries, this TV show is synonymous among the millennials as this was received with positivity when it was aired in their respective countries.


Just like western TV shows, the eastern cartoons, in particular anime were equally successful in influencing pop culture of the youth. Some of the more popular ones being Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, and Howl’s Moving Castle. They were so popular that the modern-day trend is to showcase your interest through Japanese anime t-shirts. This is an indicator to show that you were living well within the times.

Of course, there are so many anime out there and everyone has their preferences, but the existence of that culture cannot be denied even in the western world, as they always make sure to dub the anime into their language to make sure that the people of that particular country can watch it.


One of the other things that television and anime influence is the fashion industry. In many instances we are drawn to the many designs and styles our favourite characters wear in the particular show. As a result, we try to copy it and try to become like them even in terms of personality. Of course, this can vary from one person to the other, but one thing that can be said is that it can be recognized by many of the youth.

There we have it. A brief explanation of the pop culture that is present today.