Time will come that you want to have your own family someday. Of course, no one wants to live alone, right? Bear in mind that marriage is a lifetime commitment. Because of that, you have to ask yourself a lot of times, if you are ready for it.

Remember, you will likely have children in the future, and it is no easy task. You have to give them access to good education, as well as emergency funds, in case they need to be sent to the hospital. Before you tie the knot with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you need to create a wedding checklist, so you will not miss even the smallest details. To help you get started, read on.

Determine the Number of Guests

It is important to determine the estimated number of guests on your big day so you will know if you will rent a small or big venue for your wedding venue and reception. Write down on a piece of paper the people you’d like to invite.

Definitely, your immediate family, soon-to-be in laws, and closest friends will be on your top list. Once you’ve finalized your list, it is time to send them the invitations. Don’t forget to incorporate your contact number on the invitation so they can easily get in touch with you if they have questions.

Choose your Wedding Reception

As soon as you have made the decision what your wedding theme will be, as well as determined the estimated number of guests, it is time to choose your wedding reception. Scout for a wedding reception that can accommodate your party.

If your wedding reception will be outdoors, see to it that you have a back-up plan, just in case the rain pours suddenly. Keep in mind that your wedding reception will be the first party venue you will go to as a married couple. Therefore, it should be something that you and your spouse like.

Pick Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress shouldn’t only look beautiful, but comfortable, too. You can rent or ask your favourite clothing designer to make your dream wedding dress for you. He/she is the best person to help you pick the right style and fabric.

If you are from Australia, there is a myriad of wedding stores where you can have your wedding dress. For veils, go to bridal veils Sydney as they have a wide selection of wedding veils that will surely add a perfect finishing touch to your bridal dress.

Do Not Forget the Wedding Cake

A wedding cake will be the main attraction in your big day. So, it is necessary to get one that doesn’t only look appealing, but tastes good, too. You do not need to spend a lot on your wedding cake, though. If you know someone in the baking business, you may ask for a discount. Plus, there are several online shops that offer cakes that are within your budget.

Hire a Photographer

Hire a photographer to help you capture one of the best events in your life. Remember photos are the best way to preserve all the memories.

Include this checklist and have a memorable wedding experience.