A best friend is a sibling like figure who wasn’t born in the same family as you yet she Is the person with whom you have shared your fun and crazy times and your down times. With Best friends’ day around, you would like to show just how much your best friend means to you.


Jewellery is something that you can wear for a long time. This can be really meaningful. you can get a broken heart pendant on a necklace and give her the other half or you can buy two necklaces with a heart pendant with maybe best friends forever engraved or a necklace with an infinity loop and wear that always. Another thing you can gift is matching bracelets.


Having the same pair of t-shirts or dresses is a cool way to show how close you are. You can shop for womens plus size clothing online and get your preferred clothing. You can even customize t-shirts with anything that you want or pictures of you and your best friend.


You would have many moments than you have shared together as videos you can put this together and play it to her this would be really special to see how much you both have lightened up each other’s day and how much fun you have had.

Photo frame

You can pick out the pictures of you both together this doesn’t mean you have to pick out only nice pictures. Pick the crazy ones, where you look weird and funny and make a collage which you can frame and gift to your friend and you will see how much you have made her happy

Bake something

Handmade treats make a sweet gift. If you are good at baking you can make your best friend’s favourite treat. This can be brownies, cookies, macaroons or any other. You can also make an assortment pack it up beautifully and wrap It up nicely.

Book collection

If your friend is an avid reader you can consider getting her favourite book collection If she hasn’t got that one yet.

Concert ticket

Being her best friend, you would know her interest and her favourite band. If you are aware of her favourite band performing get two tickets for it in addition get some of the band merchandise so you both can wear to the concert and have a great time.

Spa time

Having a relaxed and comfortable time is great. Book a spa session for both of you and spend the day pampering yourselves and relaxing


If your friend loves adventurous activity you both could go on a hike or go bicycling around the city together It may sound simple but doing something, she loves together makes it all the more special.


Camping is fun, select a camp spot pack up a tent and set off to camp. Carry other things that you need to make It entertaining like a guitar, CD player and songs so you can have fun dancing and chatting away.