Finding the dream dress for your wedding does not complete your outfit. The next task is choosing the right jewellery that goes with it. If you don’t have the right wedding hopping plan or have not decided on the jewellery before you go into the store, you might not know where to start or what to pick. To make the wedding jewellery shopping easier for you, we have put together a list of things you should and shouldn’t do. Take a look at the following to see what they are.

Don’t Experiment

When it comes to your wedding, it is better to keep your experiments at bay unless you are absolutely sure about something. For example, if you have never been a fan of necklaces, don’t pick your wedding day to try wearing a necklace for the first time.

Your wedding day outfit should be something you are comfortable in, including the accessories. So, choose the pieces you are most confident and comfortable in. For example, if you love statement earrings, go for it. But if minimalist designs are your favourite, then it is ok to not wear statement pieces for your big day.


Instead of making sure that every piece of jewellery you choose match each other with the same metal and stone, let them complement each other. For example, you might have already bought or have decided on the wedding ring sets. If you try to make the rest of the pieces to have the exact same design, you are going to be shopping forever. It is alright to try gold earrings even if your rings are platinum. Instead of trying hard to find identical pieces find complementary ones of designs you prefer.

Match the Sentimental pieces

You might have heirloom jewellery that you want to incorporate into your outfit. If there is something that is being passed down in your family, or if you choose to add ‘something burrowed’ into your outfit, then bring it with you when you do the dress and the jewellery shopping. This way, heirloom pieces will go well with your entire outfit instead of looking like an afterthought or sticking out like a sore thumb. If you are going for sentimental pieces, remember to incorporate it smoothly into the outfit.

Needs Matter before Trends

We all have dream wedding outfit when we shop. You might already have saved many Pinterest wedding outfits or Instagram inspiration on your phone. But they don’t always match you. For example, your favourite Instagram model would recommend you a good choker necklace but this might not be the perfect choice for the high neck dress you have chosen. Or you might already have a necklace that you inherited or got as a gift. If so, spending on a new necklace is not the best decision. Remember to prioritise the needs and sentiments over popular trends of social media.

It is Ok to Switch

There is no rule saying that you have to wear the same jewellery for the entire day of your wedding. So, it is ok to switch and change them at each part of the wedding. For example, if you have a statement veil it might have kept you from wearing a statement tiara or earrings at the ceremony. If so, you can keep these pieces for the reception. If you are changing into a different dress for the reception or for dancing, then you can pick different jewellery for these occasions specifically.

Remember to think out of the box if you really want to have the perfect outfit. So, away the one metal rule or the need to follow the trends. Instead, stay in your comfort zone and choose pieces that match your style.