Today, age doesn’t matter for you to embrace fashion. There is fashion for all ages to suit all stages in life. Similarly, there is also fashion to suit all seasons in their time, especially like autumn, spring, winter and summer. It is generally considered that women think of fashion more than men, though this is often not actually true, I thought of breaking down some of the women fashion trends that you need to participate in if you are in the year 2020.

Age differences

Some societies, categorize fashion based on age, but it is not age that matters, it should be the fashion that suits you best.

Kids, obviously may not have any idea about what fashion they love, it is of course their mothers and their father’s choice. All those tiny socks, miniature lovely dresses and princess frocks are all embedded in love and care.

Teenage girls, this probably is the age group that is most into fashionable and stylish outfits. They are always curious and eager to try out new styles. Though sometimes, they all may not have the luxury to own what they crave, they never miss any chances.

Adult women are very much into more expensive fashion trends. It may be because they have a steadier income at this stage, however they are also very fond of Jewellery such as necklaces and rings. High heels is something very popular among this age group too, though not as much as teenagers.

Seasonal changes

From ancient history, seasonal changes have been a reason for the uprising of various fashions. In a large country like Australia, they experience four seasons in a year. At Venom Emilio fashion seasonal changes are always embraced. This is because they have all that it needs to face any winter, spring, summer or autumn.

Colour trends

I would say this is a very personal taste, because if you ask any two different people in the same age group and even at the exact season, their answer may be different. Each person has his or her colour that they love the most. However, if we can think about some of the most popular colours such as, white, Coral pink, saffron, flame scarlet, chive, biscay green and faded denim which is actually a type of a blue shade.

Sometimes people think of only their tastes but do not consider if the others who look at them would actually approve or love their fashion. It is true, when comfort is in question, it is your view, but when it comes to fashion it should be the outsiders or the lookers view.

Today, because the world spread virus and the pandemic situation, face mask has become a part of a fashion. It may not be right to consider it as a fashion since we wear face masks for the primary reason of preventing the spread of the virus, however it is not going to lose us anything in trying out something fashionable, unless we abide by the health rules.